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Advanced Integrated Fitness

My advanced integrated fitness program is designed to improve all aspects of your physical ability while stimulating cognitive function through physical movement.  Each of the 6 attributes of physical function, mobility, balance, cardio-respiratory, musculo-skeletal, neuro-muscular, and cognitive function are addressed.  My program will give you the confidence to do whatever your heart desires. 


As we age we tend to stop being as physically active as we did when we were younger. Often, this happens due to demands of work and family rather than a loss of ability or motivation.

While we don't necessarily feel it, our bodies adapt to our new lifestyle and when we dust off our tennis shoes we don't move as well as we once did and injuries often occur.

My mobility workouts will help you regain the lost mobility, while decreasing the likelihood of injury doing the things you love.

Specifically this will help you:

  • Reduce Pain

  • Restore proper joint mobility

  • Correct muscle imbalances

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