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Wise Works Fitness  offers, movement focused, Advanced Integrated Fitness training, for wise adults regardless of what decade of life they are in. 

THE WHY OF WISE WORKS FITNESS? There is greatness in each and every one of us.  My goal at Wise Works Fitness is to help you find your own greatness through movement.   Often, especially as we age, suffer an injury, or are plagued by a neurological disorder/condition, our world becomes smaller.  This happens because our physical  ability or even mental outlook prevents us from doing the things we have enjoyed in the past. Additionally, chronic disease and or constant pain further erodes our optimism.

Unlike other programs, I won't beat you up with a "6 Week Transformation" and expect you to adhere to an unrealistic diet.    Instead, I will start to build you up from day one.  With each and every visit, you will feel positive changes in yourself.  I will give you the knowledge  you need to succeed at bringing out your greatness and help create the framework to continue your success for life.


The Gray Institute

Functional Aging Institute

National Academy of Sports Medicine

Stephen Lay

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