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Manual Therapy / Massage

My goal, is always, to help my clients move better, feel better and have less pain. Getting older doesn’t mean and shouldn’t mean you should stop moving as much.  In fact, you should be moving all of your joints, in all the ways they can move, everyday.  

Sometimes however, pain stops making movement comfortable so we reduce or stop moving and trying to exercise just results in even more pain.


I​ use percussion massagers, to great effect, with my clients to help reduce pain in troublesome areas like shoulders and hips. But I've always felt that I needed to be able to “feel” the restrictions in the tissues and work in ways a massage tool cannot. 

For this reason I will be adding manual therapy / massage to my practice in 2025! 

Prior to 2025 I will be offering complimentary therapeutic (deep tissue) massage by appointment.

See You Soon!

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